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If you do not have a Voluntary Enhanced Security DL or ID card, you can still use your regular card after October 1, 2020, but will be required to show additional forms of identification to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to board an airplane or enter a federal facility. The card can only be obtained at these regional offices.

What information do I need to provide to get the card?

For example, in the Middle Proterozoic Musgrave Block (northern South Australia), a wide scatter of K-Ar mineral "ages" was found, ranging from 343Ma to 4493Ma due to inherited (excess) , permitting inclusion of the gas in the crystallizing minerals.

After the passage of two half-lives only 0.25 gram will remain, and after 3 half lives only 0.125 will remain etc.

Equilibrium with the atmosphere therefore produces minute concentrations of dissolved argon in water.

Water sample sizes range from 2 liters (if vacuum degassing is used) to 15 cubic meters (if the sample is to be boiled) (Clark & Fritz 1997).

Arkansas is taking part in the federal nationwide initiative to improve the security of state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards, which will help fight terrorism and reduce identity fraud.

On October 1, 2020, anyone who boards a domestic flight or enters a federal building will either need an Arkansas Voluntary Enhanced Security Driver’s License (DL) or Identification Card (ID), or will need to provide a regular card and additional accepted forms of identification.