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As I begin my conversation with Gage, I inadvertently use the term ‘lifestyle’ when referring to Yamato’s dandyism.

Gage, however, jumps right in saying “He’s not about a character or a costume or role.

Painted wood, freehand and stenciled gilt decoration, caning, reproduction silk upholstery. Artists, architects, and designers also borrowed motifs from the classical past to reflect the moral and aesthetic values of the young Republic.

In the years following the Revolution, the Founding Fathers looked to the democratic ideals of ancient Greece and Rome for the basis of the fledgling political system.

The life of the elegant gentleman is one that has caused quite the stir over recent years.

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Listen LIVE every Tuesday at 5PM pst on fm, on every Tuesday at 10PM est, on every Thursday at 2PM pst. This week, Krazy Kids Radio delve in to the life of a true icon, The King of Pop himself.

Information is now surfacing that raises the question if Couch should even be running again for Commissioner.

Can he effectively oversee county business when it appears he can’t take care of his own personal financial affairs?

Wood County WV Commission President Blair Couch is running again for re-election. Couch, a Republican will face Democrat candidate Harry Deitzler, a prominent attorney with the law firm of Hill-Peterson-Carper, Bee and Deitzler.

He is a former Wood County prosecutor and has worked with the county commission in the past.