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We presented three questions each to Dale Levitski, Casey Thompson, and Hung Huynh and found them all to be a little defensive.The pressure is You admitted on last week’s episode that you hadn’t cooked for a year and a half. I should win because I have the most passion, dedication, and technique.Malarkey seems jazzed about the Los Angeles opening, despite the challenges of opening on New Year’s Eve. As coach on the premier season of “The Taste” last year, Malarkey guided West Hollywood private chef Khristianne Uy to victory. ‘We Love LA’ and I started my culinary career here at the Citrus a few years back!

Despite the win, he was not brought back for the second season.

The one where it bit me in the ass was the Le Cirque challenge. It’s a competition about being a chef, and I think I represented myself and my craft very, very well. People who are judging me who sit on their ass at home may say that, but professionally they recognize my talent. What drives me to be really successful is because I came from a Third World country and I was given the opportunity to come to America to be successful and not be a bum and live on welfare. I would think that this show is a freaking fraud and is not based on food.

I hope that will pull me What do you make of the story line pitting your soul against Hung’s skills?

I’ve been to five Games and can’t imagine ever missing one.” Would you participate in anything else besides swimming at the Gay Games: “I actually thought about it, perhaps bodybuilding, but that’s so hardcore … And I know they have to eat, uh, lettuce leaves and chicken breasts for three months straight.” At 12, he started swimming twice a day, hard-core training.

He quit at age 18 while attending the University of California-Berkeley, but resumed after college, in his early-20s.