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As many of you are aware the Red Cross knives of World War One are highly sought out collectors items of today. Instead of the folding knife with spoon idea of long ago today the Red Cross is adding a multi-tool to the parcels.

While we have not yet seen a model of the item or who makes it the Red Cross has at least 10,000 planned for distribution.

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As you will see from the photos on this section, these Bowie knives are gleaming in appearance and the handles are made from a choice of materials that enhance the overall look and feel of the knives.A recent offering from Camillus Cutlery are the tried and true military knives coated in a Desert Tan epoxy coating.Welcome to DLT Trading, your foremost stop for engraved knives and high quality cutlery from around the world.We place the WW II era USMC next to the current repro which graphically shows the difference.Any scabbard marked with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor is a current reproduction piece, they were never made in WW II.