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I receive, via email, the familiar question of "What is my machine worth? I used to reply to questions about value back in the old days when the internet was a novelty and I had some time. However, I have written (and revised) this article, which I believe should help many people.

In fact, I wrote this article because I found myself saying, in email, many of the same things over and over again.

So I might as well as say everything I know in one article!

I suppose if I could give good assessments without this eating into my time, I could provide more assessments over the internet. Giving a good answer can consume several minutes, and I cannot spare that time.

While presenting Aida in Rio de Janeiro on June 25, Leopoldo Miguez, the locally hired conductor, reached the summit of a two-month escalating conflict with the performers due to his rather poor command of the work, to the point that the singers went on strike and forced the company's general manager to seek a substitute conductor.

Later in his career he was appointed the first music director of the NBC Symphony Orchestra (1937–54), and this led to his becoming a household name (especially in the United States) through his radio and television broadcasts and many recordings of the operatic and symphonic repertoire. Toscanini was born in Parma, Emilia-Romagna, and won a scholarship to the local music conservatory, where he studied the cello. For example, his diet consisted almost completely of fish.

20-6357 Mystery train / I forgot to remember to forget was the first RCA release from the 'Teldec' pressing plant in Hamburg, Germany which covered the central European market including Sweden.

The copyright notice was filed on July 3, 1956 which oddly indicates that the 78 rpm version was pressed 3 months after the 45 rpm release.

Meanwhile, some dealers get as much as 0 or more when selling a Victrola XI. What a well-connected dealer gets for a machine is not what you can get selling the same machine from your living room.

Dealers have contacts and methods for getting a machine in the right place at the right time, with everything fixed, shiny, and ready to go. Location of the machine is one of those "circumstances" determining price or value.