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The source of the conflict was a V-log posting by Shanel Cooper (no relation …that I know of anyway) entitled Judging by the comments posted, I am apparently in the minority in my thinking. They were quite excited to find a woman willing to submit to men, and who was openly encouraging other women to do the same.In reality the words “cooperation” and “submission” have two entirely different meanings:: (1) the act of submitting, yielding, or surrendering; (2) the quality or condition of being submissive; resignation; obedience; meekness; (3) the act of submitting to the authority or control of another: “Oppression that cannot be overcome does not give rise to revolt but to submission” (Simone Weil); (4) the condition of having submitted to the power of someone else; (5) the condition of being submissive, humble, or compliant.: (1) an act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit; joint action; (2) to work or act together; (3) to assist or be willing to assist.if youre not serious, and or not into the Lifestyle, please don't waste my time.First of all, the references to submission in “a relationship” were inaccurate.Though I am not religious, even I know that the Bible specifically references “wife” and “husband” when it instructs on submission.

One acquaintance told me in wonderment that Chinese women are great in the bedroom – as if I wasn't one – to being casually asked if I’d be interested in a guy “who has been with Chinese girls and likes it”.However, female submission is not something I advocate for women at all.I heard from several men and women online and offline that perhaps I was looking at the whole thing wrong, that submission wasn’t always negative, and that it means that a couple is cooperating.In the modern day we’re taught that everyone is equal, powerful and intelligent. There’s no disputing that a man drives just as well as sexy women or that a female business director is as capable as their male counterpart.But we all want a little submissive in our lives it would appear.