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US – In a recent post on popular tech website Kim Komando – aka ‘America’s Digital Goddess – a writer describes how during a recent vacation Komando rented a place through Airbnb.

As she was looking around the house she noticed it had a number of wireless IP cameras installed in the common areas.

The lack of privacy isn't due to a hack or malware; rather, many people simply fail to change the default settings when installing Internet-connected cameras, whether they be for personal, corporate or municipal use.

Since many security cams use somewhat generic IP addresses or public-facing websites for administration access, one may only need your username and password to access and control the cameras. The site doesn't include laptop and USB-connected webcams, instead focusing on network-connected surveillance devices.

Yet cultural norms are different in different places and different times.

Were this the 19th century, our mere ankles would offend.

Traffic cameras, for example, and those favored by Earthcam are designed for public viewing, though not necessarily open to others' control.

The color combo I ended up putting on my nails, was inspired by a blog post on Nails.and by an image widely pinned (on Pinterest).

Also, she and her travel companion discussed sensitive topics like finances and relationships that the camera microphone could have picked up.

“Airbnb’s stance on indoor cameras is summed up in its FAQs: “Another vacation rental site, VRBO, doesn’t seem to discuss this problem at all.

A few years ago, someone broke into my email and then used it to get into all sorts of other things.

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