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Jeremiah, 37, claimed Bir Tawil - a barren desert area between Egypt and Syria - as the Kingdom of North Sudan so his little girl could become a real princess Now 'King' Heaton has launched a campaign to raise billions of dollars to create The Ark, a state of the art laboratory in his new nation dedicated to researching how crops could be grown with limited water supplies The discrepancy has meant Bir Tawil has stayed as a de facto 'no man's land' for more than 100 years - until Heaton planted his family's flag into the soil on June 16, 2014 and named it the Kingdom of North Sudan.Heaton said his bid to create a laboratory in the desert has already attracted the support of hundreds of scientists from around the world, who are frustrated by a lack of governmental support for their research'If you can make food grow in the desert, you can take that same technology and apply it to other climates.Cattle are an important aspect in their way of life; virtually all matters involve cattle- conflicts are usually about cattle, and cattle are used to pay fines for offenses as well as bridewealth in marriages (Gatkuoth, 2010).Nuers even take the name of their favourite oxen or cows, and greet each other with their cattle names. It also acts as a mediator to the divine, as we would see in the ceremonial rites of Nuer marriages.

She is alongside reporter Achol Deng, who rescued her from Wednesday's crash The UN mission in South Sudan said it has provided a diving team to search the River Nile adjacent to the crash site and an engineering team to support efforts to cut open or remove debris, Gatluak said.

Because of the patrilineal nature of the Nuer tribe, we shall see that it is important for a man to continue his line, and this explains the alternative marriage arrangements presented in this write up.

Marriage prohibitions and incest The Nuer has certain marriage prohibitions that revolve around the matters of kinship.

Introduction on the Nuer tribe The Nuer tribe is a tribe located in South Sudan and Western Ethopia.

Nuers call themselves Naath, which means human being.