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"Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass appeals to a variety of groups," said David Mc Caman, director of marketing at Hands-On Mobile, San Francisco.

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NET developers, a Microsoft MVP for Kinect for Windows, a Microsoft Regional Director, and Senior Executive of Pwop Studios, a full-service audio and video production/post production studio located in Southeastern Connecticut.

A computer screen replaces conventional dials behind the steering wheel; joining this is a second screen in the dashboard hooked up to BMW's i Drive entertainment and sat-nav system.

Both are bright, sharp and clear, even in direct sunlight.

In less than a day I had a working, functioning chatbot. But it was there, and it was answering questions (sort of). Just to clarify some things that people have been asking: all of our podcasts and radio shows will remain available for free. Our Patreon Page is for helping to cover some of the bills generated by producing the podcasts and radio show.

Games and applications developer Hands-On Mobile and Activision Publishing have launched Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass for mobile phones.