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She tilted her head and laughed, "You are a little dirtier than I thought, slave. I want you to crawl into your trailer on your hands and knees and tell everyone there your name is shiteater and you are Miss Alicia’s toilet. I was going as fast and hard as I could and she laid there vaguely stimulated....

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She creeps quietly into the dim lights of the cityinundating gentle delicate thoughts into a deluged gray haze,lingering vacantly in fragile minds,and drifts over towns like an overcast of curtainslike a nebulous blanketfor she leaves with an air of mysteryon little silent cat feet I want to be perpetually drunk and/or preoccupied so that I wouldn't have to think about missing someone, or finding out that I have no-one to miss, at all, so that I don't have to be conscious of people and their reactions towards my everything (because actually, I am rather afraid to lose them). I have so much anger in me that cannot be washed away by late-night whiskey, that I whip myself senseless even when no offence was taken by anyone, that a constant anxiety of my mediocrity which floods over this miniature seawall of mine, inundating my mind.

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