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In the 2000s, he was revamped as a serious superhero once again in a mini-series by DC Comics. In the original series, Space Ghost was an intergalactic crime fighter from the Ghost Planet.He had the ability to be invisible (via his belt), fly, and shoot various rays from the powerbands on his wrists.At the same time, not everyone we date in our mid-20s is our “soulmate,” and many of us still have our fair share of rebound relationships, one-night stands and other non-serious affairs.

The desktop apps will start automatically when you turn on your PC or Mac.The bigger problem is the TV audience isn't the young adults whom advertisers covet.The 18- to 34-year-old demographic is the largest workforce in the U.During its original run, there were a total of 42 Space Ghost episodes and 18 Dino Boy episodes.The series ended in 1968, Twenty-two new Space Ghost segments appeared on Space Stars on NBC in 1981.