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Restaurant prices are hiked massively on Valentine’s Day and you just end up sitting there surrounded by other couples feeling equally awkward. If you are going away, find a nice bistro or pub rather than somewhere very smart. A nice pub with a B’n’B on top is more romantic than spending lots of money on somewhere posh. Think about a film night – either snuggling down to watch your favourite film at home or going to the cinema is very acceptable.And you won’t have to talk about the things people think they should talk about such as the L word.Everyone had to muck in and we did everything as a family.

Think about making something rather than buying something. Instead of booking a table for two in a restaurant, have a winter picnic of fish and chips.THE BRIEF: A lifestyle mini magazine to promote Sarah Beeny’s dating website to both men and women with its tongue firmly in cheek, it was to be a comedic look at the joys and pitfalls of dating.THE RESULT: With a retro cartoon-style design, this promotional magazine gave dating and relationship advice from experts with the brand on all the features.We had goats and were supposed to drink the milk but I didn’t like it, so my parents made cheese.I didn’t like that either, so they froze it and we had chest freezers full of goat’s cheese no one ate.