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If you or someone you know has scored a big progressive win, and would like their story featured, please send it to us with a short summary at diceroll [at], and we will post it.

My personal favorite would be John Williams, but would be happy with Steve Cochran.

He suggested a newspaper-radio tie-in with the Sudoku puzzle. John is truly involved in the community, he works very hard, goes everywhere, brings back interviews, builds content and production elements for the show and he is well-respected.

Weeks after the Chicago Tribune, which, like WGN, is owned by Together, they came up with the idea of publishing how long it took Williams to complete each day’s puzzle, challenging readers to beat him. “Our listeners expect a smart, informative, relevant and entertaining show.

At least half or 1,500 residency slots per year would be reserved for residents training in a “shortage specialty residency program,” defined as a specialty area with an anticipated shortage of active physicians to fill the projected needs in such specialty area for the period 2005 through 2020, as determined initially by the Health Resources and Services Administration (commonly known as HRSA) and then later by a National Health Care Workforce Commission Report mandated by the Bill.

Any new residency slots not distributed in a particular FY would be added to the aggregate number of slots available for distribution in the following FY.