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After Timbaland sings the praises of Elliott ("She was just super dope..was God-sent; that was my sister") and Timberlake ("Me and Justin, it's the weirdest thing.We just say we're gonna kill them and then we kill them...So Missy is finally wifed up, it is allegedly being reported through the streets of Atlanta that rapper Missy Elliot and her girlfriend Saraya have decided to TIE THE KNOT.It was an informal private ceremony but I have a feeling pics will surface soon!Tweet blossomed in the early aughts under Missy Elliott’s tutelage, releasing two solid soul albums and at least one undisputed hit, the titillating “Oops (Oh My).” But after some things in her personal life and career went sour (a two-timing boyfriend, record label drama), she gave up.RELATED: #TBT: 'Oops, Oh My' Plus Tweet's Other Hits #TBT: 'Oops, Oh My' Plus Some of Tweet's Other Hits “I didn’t want to sing anymore,” the ageless beauty recalls.

She tweeted saying, "S/O 2 all who just now figured out what I was saying on my song Work It AFTER 15 YEARS." Caps for emphasis, we get it, Missy.

Timbaland has dominated the music scene, working with big names like Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott and Dr.

Dre (to name a few), but there's more to Timothy Mosley than creating beats that provide real will feature a deeper side to the record producer, one that includes his suicidal thoughts and his confession of falling in love with a young R&B artist he took under his wing."This will be the last time I talk and I'm going back into hibernation," he says, before making some stunning revelations.

“And, I pulled an Orrick move and asked for a picture.” Tweet said it’s been difficult dating Brant because of all of the rumors and constant flow of women who claim they are his girlfriend.

Ok, Tweet, guard your heart, because Bryant doesn’t have a great reputation of being a one-woman-man.