Updating punkbuster battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 (BF2) is a first person military action game.

The dedicated server component can be run as a Windows Service using Fire Daemon Pro, which allows you to have the dedicated server start automatically at boot prior to login, start multiple instances of the dedicated server and more. You can also use Fire Daemon Fusion to manage Fire Daemon and other Windows services via a web browser.

Create an account at so you can download the server files and register your server.

Download the Battlefield 2 Dedicated Server files from here. Install the dedicated server files into the directory of your choice (typically C:\Program Files\EA Games\BF2Server).

sv.password "" // Password needed for players to join the server sv.internet 0 // 0 = LAN server, 1 = internet server sv.server IP "" // IP of your server sv.server Port 16567 // Port of your server Buster 1 // 0 = disable Punkbuster, 1 = enable Punkbuster Players 32 // Maximum number of allowed players (16, 32, 64) Players Needed To Start 10 // For ranked servers, this needs to be: // 6 for max Players 16, 10 for 32, 10 for 64 sv.rounds Per Map 2 // How often each map will be replayed sv.[*]Friendly Fire 100 // For ranked servers: FF on and at 100% damage sv.friendly Fire With Mines 1 // same as above Punish Enabled 1 // For ranked servers, you need FF-punish on sv.interface IP "" // IP of your server nano -w mods/bf2/settings/maplist.con}} #map List.append dalian_plant gpm_cq 32 map List.append daqing_oilfields gpm_cq 32 map List.append dragon_valley gpm_cq 32 map List.append fushe_pass gpm_cq 32 map List.append gulf_of_oman gpm_cq 32 map List.append kubra_dam gpm_cq 32 map List.append mashtuur_city gpm_cq 32 map List.append operation_clean_sweep gpm_cq 32 map List.append sharqi_peninsula gpm_cq 32 map List.append songhua_stalemate gpm_cq 32 map List.append strike_at_karkand gpm_cq 32 map List.append zatar_wetlands gpm_cq 32 It is a good idea to start the game using screen, because the server keeps a command line open.

We don't have any change log information yet for version 3.8 of Punk Buster.

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Next, you have to enter where the server should be installed.A folder called 'bf2' will be created below the specified location, so if you use /home/bf2 for your user's home directory you will get /home/bf2/bf2 as the install directory.After a few seconds, you should get a message "Installation complete."Make sure /tmp is NOT mounted noexec.You can manually update Punkbuster, and thus far, I have not been autokicked/banned, but YMMV. but the game freezes for a few seconds pretty frequently..... It happened to me before when I tried to start linux games without my Nvidia drivers.System: Emachines 6212, Nvidia 6600, 1gb ram, Ubuntu, Cedega. Ubuntu 7.4 WINE 0.9.58 Like most 3D games, you need hardware 3D acceleration to play BF2.