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The wedding was kept pretty tightly under wraps, but we can guess that between the two of them, there were some pretty famous faces there – after all, the bride is a Victoria's Secret model and they seem to be friends with just about everyone The supermodel started dating the frat boy-turned-tech genius in 2015, and the couple announced their engagement the following year.Sharing the news on Instagram, Kerr posted a black and white photo of her ring superimposed with a bitmoji of the proposal.I'm glad the show provides for equal opportunity ogling.Back at school, Lux has gotten suspended for selling that bong lamp on school grounds last week.In this unusual episode that replays the same day's activities from three different perspectives: after Pacey unveils his new sailboat, named 'True Love', he and Joey vacillate on the ways to tell Dawson about their feelings for each other.

Meanwhile, Andie, who thought she was over Pacey enough to date, accepts a date with Capeside visitor Will, but their first date is ruined when she also learns about Joey and Pacey now a couple.

As the gang discusses their assignment on the Nixon-Watergate scandal, Jen tells Dawson she has finished watching the video she borrowed from him, All the President's Men (1976) and he asks her what she thought of it.

She says she enjoyed it but her boyfriend, Henry, thought it was seriously lacking in cute teenage girls.

She had complications with knee surgery in November, which kept her from hitting a shot for eight weeks and from playing the first tournament of the year."It feels so good to have overcome so many things to be sitting here," Kerr said.

"I played great the last couple weeks coming into here, and I just have a different perspective on life now. I was able to keep going forward because I didn't put that extra pressure on myself."The American overcame sponsor invite Su-Yeon Jang, the South Korean player who led after the second and third rounds and was five ahead of Kerr after three holes Saturday.